Friday, 1 January 2010

I like stuff.

Hi everyone, sorry i've not posted in a while, I usually have plenty of time to write but it's been a busy week, if we speak on twitter you'll probably know my (step) sister is over from Egypt until next Thurs with her two kids (therefore when i'm at home there is no rest!) and my little sister is ready to give birth at any moment now, so i'm literally living life in a panic at the moment, sleeping as much as I can when I can as I could be woken up at anytime to head to the hospital, just thinking about it tears me up, she is my only biological sister therefore this is a really big thing for me, especially being the 'big sis' I don't know how i'm going to react seeing her in so much pain. I've not been the greatest sister over the last year, so i'm making sure i'm the best sister I can be in 2010.

I got my hair cut (well fringe) on Tuesday and bought lots of hair goodies to keep it tamed, a haircut really represents new beginnings to me, therefore I like to start the year with a new look.

Last year I got a haircut that resembled Sarah Hardings hair in 'Call The Shots' but i've got dark hair :) her haircut was really shot down by the critics who said it wad like something out of Star Trek, but I actually like haircuts like that, bold haircuts look better on me rather than the standard boring styles.

My main concerns regarding my hair is volume, I always want more more more, but some days I have no time (or generally cannot be arsed) to back comb the extensions, put them into place and spend the day checking on them (Girls any silicone based shampoo will make your extension clips slide off quicker than usual so be warned!) so I really want to shorten the routine to a couple of products.

The Products are:

  • Bed Head by Tigi 'Volumizing Hairspray' - I used this everyday since I got it, every time i've found it really sticky. It did however create volume which didn't last anymore than a couple of minutes.
  • Catwalk by Tigi 'Work-It' Hairspray - I love this hairspray, it's a workable one which means you can spray then still style your hair, I know there are lots of them around, but thsi is the first one i've used and actually holds for the whole day.
  • Bed head by Tigi 'Blowdry Lotion For Thick Massive Hair' - Amazing, I massaged this into my damp scalp after towel drying my hair, and then blow dry'd my hair and found it to be a lot thicker looking (and easier to style after!!). It's lasted all day and the next day it was still thicker looking. I can't wait to use this more!!
I also bought a few (wink wink!) Collection 2000 Glam Crystals, they are really nice, although the blue ones cause skin staining, which I found an oil based cleanser doesnt remove, had to wash it off.

I wanted to take swatches of them, but my battery died, so will leave that for my next blog entry. :) Booo it ruined everything!

What I was listening to during writing this blog is Ego by The Saturdays, I really love this song and the video, I want all the outfits they wore! Did anyone else see Gavin & Stacey?? It was so lovely! :)

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed Christmas and are having a great to start to the New Year,

I wish you all the best and hope we can all make 2010 the best so far.

Mwah! x

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  1. I love Sarah's short hair! Can't remember what it was like in that vid but you must be brave. I don't think I could ever go that short!


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