Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Chain Me Down!

I have been after a certain pair of chain effect leggings for ages, the day after I put them down in Topshop and said 'payday' they took them off the site, therefore I gave up hope! I returned to Topshop today (don't tell daddy, I was on company time!!) and I asked the girl working around the part of the shop that I had seen the lleggings in the first place and she sad 'oh they're in sale, they've been there for days'...

I literally ran!

...and there they were, in my size, sitting there all alone, for half the price....who said romance was dead?

I love them!!! Although they make me look like I have love purses at the top of legs, but hey, they look pretty, I love chain effect anything!!

Bought anything funky recently???

Mwah! x

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