Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A couple of weeks worth of 'whoops'....

Warm & Cozy - Love Lace Collection

 Hypnotizing Eyshadow 
Love Lace Eyeshadow

 Feline Eyeliner plus backup :)

Tried to take a decent picture of By Candlelight & Comfort but it just wouldn't :(

I also got

Shimmermoss Eyeshadow & Knight Divine Eyeshadow
Both Veluxe fravourite!!!
(Knight Divine mixed with Love Lace makes the sexiest smokey eye)

Saint Germain Lipstick                                   Impassioned Lipstick

Costa Chic Lipstick
It's Loveeeeeeee!!!!

Gold Deposit MSF
(This is the only MSF that showed up on camera, due to the sparkles)

Enough said ;)

My first 4.5g pigment, in Dark Soul.
I love how it has so many multi coloured sparkles in it, and it looks fabulous over paintpoints :)

I need to stop buying make up, I need some new clothes!!!!!

Till next time!

Mwah! x

Chain Me Down!

I have been after a certain pair of chain effect leggings for ages, the day after I put them down in Topshop and said 'payday' they took them off the site, therefore I gave up hope! I returned to Topshop today (don't tell daddy, I was on company time!!) and I asked the girl working around the part of the shop that I had seen the lleggings in the first place and she sad 'oh they're in sale, they've been there for days'...

I literally ran!

...and there they were, in my size, sitting there all alone, for half the price....who said romance was dead?

I love them!!! Although they make me look like I have love purses at the top of legs, but hey, they look pretty, I love chain effect anything!!

Bought anything funky recently???

Mwah! x

Monday, 18 January 2010

Sineads 300 Follower Giveaway..

My darling Sinead at is having a 300 follower giveaway!

You must all enter and check her blog out if you haven't already as she is a total sweetie!!

Congrats on your 300 followers, heres to 300 more!!

Mwah! x

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Did any of you catch Material Girls on Thursday? I was lusting over the red shoes she was bought and kept trying to catch glimpses of the designer, till I replayed (bbc iplayer!) and saw the close up of the box.

My cousin is slightly shoe/fashion crazy, so I had heard of this designer before, I've heard then being compared to Christian Louboutin especially as most of the shoes, if not all have a red sole and think the designs are similar.

I have fallen in love.

Gorgeous arn't they?

I'm a big fan of studded effect shoes, and especially if they're black and gold!

I have decided these will be mine by the end of 2010, if they'll still be available! What things are on your wants list this year?

Mwah! x

Sad News...

Eyeko are to stop trading in Superdrug, they're currently shifting all their stock for a £1 so hurry along and grab your favourites items before they're gone.

Even though you can still buy the things online, on Eyeko's website, Superdug always have offers on them and plus, I hate buying things I have not seen first.

 Where do you get your Eyeko goodies from? What are your favourites?

Mwah! x

I Hate Not Posting + This Weeks Update

The last few days have been hectic! I have been back and forth seeing my sisters baby and making sure she is settling in, the baby has Jaundice which is very common but it's stressing my sister out so I try and help out as much as I can.

I have a job interview next Wednesday (wish me luck) i'm really excited and hope it works out, it's nothing really special but it's more hours and money and will hopefully help pay for a couple of courses I want to do early next academic year. :D

Also good news, my 'big hair' experince lasted three days without losing volume, I washed it on the fourth and blow dried it this time with my Tigi Thickening Blowdry Serum and woah, 'BIG'!

I bought a couple of things this week but alas no picture due to being at work, I will post about them later.........

Hope you all have had a great week,

Mwah! x

Monday, 11 January 2010

My New Born Neice.................

Meet Zainab

Isn't she beautiful, she came out of my little sister Monday morning at 6am! I keep staring at her and thinking that, it's so amazing, when I look at her I just want to cry with happiness, I just want to dress her up and paint her nails already.

Thanks for reading, I really wanted to share the love, I also hate not updating my blog, so this sorta explans why i've not today!

Mwah! x