Saturday, 19 December 2009

New Years Resolutions...

I've always carried a little A6 sized notebook with me, I find it so useful to be able to take it out at any time and fill it with random ideas/buys and general thoughts.

I had a read through old pages and previous brainstorming, most of my pages are listed with make up items with ticks all over them (never a good sign!!!) but the stuff I've left out is clothes I've wanted to buy. One thing that has really been bothering me over the last few months is my fashion tastes are changing, and I no longer want to wear my bright red polka dot dress, and dress like a vintage dolly, therefore most of my outfits have become redundant. Therefore I am taking a new approach in 2010. Towards fashion, and everything.

This brings me to my new years resolution is going to be the year of, well me,sticking to what works for me.. I know that sounds utterly ridiculous, every year is about me, but this year I am going to be completely selfish and concentrate on things I want for myself, and what I want to achieve.

  • I'm going to stop jumping from one choice to another. I'm terrible at keeping to my decisions and am always so motivated to do something new but after a couple of months the novelty wears off and there I am back at square one. But again this resolution is redundant if my next one doesn't happen.
  • I'm going to decide what I want to do with my life. Try things out and actually encourage myself to keep trying, I don't expect it to click into place but I do want at least have an idea by the end of 2010, as I can't keep on depending on things just 'happening', I have to make them happen. I know that sounds terribly chiched, but I do hope I stick to this one.
  • To stop buying things because 'theyre so in right now'. Buying things I will wear or use again and again. This goes for fashion and cosmetics. some of my cosmetic choices have been questionable (black cream colour base, when was this ever going to be a good idea for someone who loves corals???!) therefore I have to start looking at things as investments, I'm not claiming that i'm going to be completely sensible, now that would be boring, but to be honest with myself and think, 'will I actually use it'.
  • Make choices because they are right for me. I am forever making choices because they are better for everyone else, and always stressing myself out at the end of it, don't want to do that anymore.
  • Shoes, bags, and STUFF. But only if I deserve it!!

I am aware this sounds incredibly self centred, it's all about me, but I did warn you!!

What do you all want in 2010? I know we are a couple of weeks away, it's because I don't want a reply unless you've had time to sit down and think about it. I tag you all. :)

Thank you all for your time,

Mwah! x

Thursday, 17 December 2009

New Arrivals!! :)

Hiya everyone!!!

Well I say everyone, but I really mean the very few people that read my blog, but I guess everyone starts somewhere :)

I am really loving this font colour, it reminds me of my lipstick colour creation that i'm currently wearing, but more about that below!!!

If you read my blog, or talk to me on twitter you know that I have a soft spot for any lipstick that can enhance an orange lippie or colours that create the perfect orange pout, and I think I have discovered what that is!!!


First up are the blushes,

MACs Springsheen and Fleur Power: I love these blushes,
really pretty coral colours, and really look lovely mixed together, I really wanted 'Style' but when I swatched Style was Springsheen without the warm tone to it. Also there the MUA introduced Springsheen as the 'MACs version of Nars Orgasm'. ERM. Ok. I don't see it! I swatched both, and I love them both BUT no way would I say they are dupes for one another, apart from Springsheens gold shimmer I personannly don't think it has the same 'tan effect' as Orgasm?? What do you think?

MACS Stars 'N' Rockets, Steamy, and Swish: This is a confusing one, when I had previously swatched these I wasn't impressed with Stars 'N' Rocket pay off, it wasn't bright and didn't see how it would blend with Steamy, while Steamy and Swish were a definate 'I want'. So got home, and the Steamy, and Swish had really bad colour pay off with my 239, which was like...WHAT! so I used my 228 and it was all fine....while Stars 'N' Rockets was just perfect all the way, i'm in love.....

GOSH Darling: Great mixer/starter colour for my oranges, I love it, and am actually shocked I love it, must have backup, am getting nervous knowing the might run out over night and I don't have a back up....BACK UPPPPPPP!!

Limecrime Cosmopop: I ordered this in a hurry because I wa so excited, then after about two days I rechecked the site and saw there were two orange shades not one, UH OH. Cosmopop has to be one of the most pigmented, and creamy oranges ever. I can't compare it to a MAC or anything, it's so much creamy than anything i've used like ever, I love it. SO I have decided I want more. It took about 10 days to get to me, and while I am incredibly impatient (and over excited, have you noticed??) it was well worth the wait. Love the packaging, it reminds me of the MAC Edna collection :)

MAC Dazzleglass in Utterly Posh and Goldyrocks: Love these colours, was so happy to have them...till i realised they were LE, I've not used them since, I bloody hate MAC sometimes. Back up pleeease :(

NARS Laguna: Love it, use it with my 129 brush below my cheek bone. the 129 brush works well for me because of it's size, and I can control the application well by pinching and shaping the bristles with my fingers. Really nice when worn in a subtle manner, I'm happy to be a nc2o (decided it suits me better than nw) and don't want to be any darker, but it gives me that lovely shadow, that makes my face look that little bit more defined.

Sleek Palettes in Orginal and Sunset: Love both of these, and am certainly going to be getting backups of these, the Original contains the dark greens and golds that I love to mix with, plus a gorgeous bronze orange that looks amazing, I love to mix colours from each palette together. Sleek have done really well, and i'm very happy with the pigmentation, and I find as long as you rub the brush/sponge applicator around rather than dabbing it you don't get much crumbling.

Original Palette & Sunset Palette

AND FINALLY!! I have discovered in my opinion the perfect creamy orange, that's adaptable, and also buildable, these are very imporatant, as I want a colour I can add to as well as working well practically all other shadows and blush tones.

I know the camera quality is rubbish, sorry! It at least shows the tone, it's not the bright orange I usually wear, however we are not always in the social situations appropriate for bright coral lips, so I really wanted to find a mix of the two I was comfortable with, without feeling i'm giving up too much of my personality with and I am so glad I found it.

I used:

GOSH in Darling - Any creamy nude base, although love this one as ha a lovely texture and great coverage, you don't want something thats too streaky. I wouldn't suggest Myth unless you mix it well with something moisturing, and creamy, maybe Blistex?
Limecrime in Cosmopop
- Any cream coloured orange, not too overwhelming, I like to think of Cosmopop (or the alternative) a my colour 'bridge'.
MAC in Morange
- Or any colour you are comfortable with, I dot it on, how much I dot it on depends on how orange I want it to be, but the good thing about using darling and as soon as you swirl the colours all around you are still left with this gorgeous orange cream beige consistancy....and for me it's perfect!

Thanks for reading, I'm off to watch Gavin & Stacey on BBC iplayer!

Mwah! x

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Something New, Something Old

Hiya Guys, this is my latest MAC Haul, I am very excited about showing off these items and hope you enjoy it, many of them have not been used yet so if you know what works well with what - eyeshadow/blush colour combos etc, then please leave me a comment :)

I am a bit OCD with certain items, especially items I adore and know I won't be able to get my hands on again easily, therefore for the past few days I have been avoiding using my favourite 'feel good' lipgloss until I make sure I have another, don't worry though i'm not mental, the gloss is a Mac L.E therefore is a reason behind my madness! MACS Heatherette Collections 'Sock Hop' arrived today while I was at work and I love it. The picture makes it seem like a beige, but it's not, oooh no do not be fooled, I love my oranges and bright corals and this is certainly one, I can happily use this one knowing I have a spare nearby :)

This is a picture of my latest surperdrug Purchases, it has been a 3for2 on all cosmetics this week so I treated myself :)

The colours are:
Rimmel (The Purple Case in Coral Queen
Barry M's Orange Gloss in Tropical Tango
Barry M's Lip Paint in '54'
Rimmels Coral in Gold.

The Barry M lipgloss is my new favourite 'everyday' gloss, one that I'd happily use sparingly. It's got a great colour consistancy. :)

I also bought Barry M's 'Mint Green' Nail Polish but forgot to take a picture :)

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in 'Soft and Gentle'
MAC Mineralize Blush in 'Gentle'
MAC Colour Base in 'Shell'
MAC Colour Base in 'Fabulush'

I am in Love with Soft and Gentle, I must have another one, as I worry it'll run out already!

Gentle is seriously dangerous, it should come with a warning sign, I put on too much the first time round and looked like a tomato.

Colour bases are fun, make my phone all icky though! Like to use them as highlighters or cheek stains. :)

In no particular order (I stupidly moved them before I took note of the order).

MAC Mineralize e/s in 'Play on Plums'
MAC e/s in 'Beauty Marked'
MAC e/s in 'Star Violet'
MAC e/s in 'All That Glitters'
MAC e/s in 'Smut'
MAC e/s in 'Tempting'
MAC e/s in 'Swimming'
MAC e/s in Woodwinked'.

Woodwinked reminds me Antiqued, although both look great mixed with All That Glitters.

Swimming is fabulous colour for green eyes, especially mixed with a bright purple, but I did expect beauty marked to be a bit more purple, it's darker with bright purple glitter pigments, but brilliant when blended near the lash line. Star violet reminds me of a mild expensive pink, can't wait to try it!! :)

Studio Stick x 2 in NC20

which was a slight woops as I'm a NW2 but a bit of Medium MSF fixes everything :) This foundation is .... alright, bit drying, matte defo was a good choice for it.

Matte is great, although you need to use quite a bit to achieve the ultra soft finish everyone always goes on about.

My first MAC 15 e/s palette, empty obviously, must fill it up soon, and now I have an excuse to buy MORE!!!

MAC Fix +
MAC Cleanse Off Oil

Used none of these yet, so will be pampering myself on Sunday night, and review them during the week :)

Heard I should mix a couple of pumps of the Cleanse off with a bit of Fix +, am I right???

MAC 129 Brush
MAC 187 Brush
MAC 168 Brush
MAC 138 Brush
MAC 134 Brush

My favourite so far is the 187, which is thr stippling brush, very multi use, and I love it, I have two, one for creams and one for blushers :)

MAC 182 Brush
MAC 213 Brush
MAC 275 Brush
MAC 239 Brush x 2
MAC 129SH Brush

MACs 129SH is my longest standing MAC brush, I bought one years ago, before my MAC adoration began, it's a really good on the go blush brush.

239s are great, so great I needed two.

My 'New Old Stuff' :)

No idea why I forgot to open my Alexander Mcqueen e/s in Pagen, only just realised when I saw the picture on the laptop and the stuff was already boxed back in the draw. YES I LEAVE THINGS IN THEIR BOXES!

MAC Alexander Mcqueen e/s in 'Pagen'
MAC Mineralize e/s in Word-To-Mouth'
MAC e/s in 'Fashion Groupie'
MAC e/s in 'Buckwheat' (bought unboxed)
MAC e/s in 'Vibrant Grape'
MAC e/s in 'Budding Beauty' (bought unboxed

I'm trying to find Buckwheat again, so if you have, and don't want it, please comment, I love it sooo much!!

Oh and a dupe for Fashion Groupie, which is a lot more pigmented and IMO a better quality purple is Urban Decays 'Purple Haze'.

Hope you've enjoy my Haul!! :)

Mwah! x

Thursday, 10 December 2009





Aren't they beautiful?! :)

And my haul blog......


as you can see it might take a while to get through! Also got a double order of some stuff by accident, therefore have some things I want to sell!

Comment me if you are interested. Brushes 138, 187, All brand new in their packets :) beauty marked and star violet and play on plums eyeshadow, please check out the colours on if you don't know what these items are, and the site will give you swatches etc.

Hurry though, I hate selling new things, they look too pretty to sell hahaha!

Mwah! x

Yay and Nay!

Hiya! It's been a few days since i've posted and I really want to make it more of habit therefore I need to make time for it whenever I can.

I have a huge haul this weekend as have been busy picking my winter make up must haves and they are either arriving this evening or tomorrow, a couple of single bits will also arrive next week including a liptick which i'm really excited about trying, and the more videos I see or and reviews I read I really wish I'd ordered more.........but I won't talk about it till it gets here as really don't want to curse it, my delivery 'luck' has been rubbish this week...........ok RANT!! I ordered some mac online bits on Monday at 11am, one hour before the 12pm next day delivery closing time, I also specified I wanted the 'AM' delivery as I didn't want to hang around all day. So. I waited, and got slightly worried as I had stuff to do as called to make sure it was coming, so guess what?! It hadn't even been processed, let alone on it's way. I was so annoyed, but the girl on the phone seemed sweet and just as baffled so I tried not to be mean. She promised to call before 6pm to let me know if it will be with me tomorrow, she didn't call. I called her and it will be with me on Thursday morning instead.

I know I know, I am being slightly dramatic and it's not the end of the world, but when I spend that much, I'd like to know if my item is arriving, at least call and tell me if it's not, why make the paying customers do all the leg's ridiculous!

EDIT ON THE DELIVERY FRONT! Guess what turned up this afternoon about an hour after this post? Another Mac delivery, I was out so my sis signed for it, and it was my order again, minus one item, with Tuesdays date on it, while the one I got in the morning has todays on the delivery sticker. I was baffled. I'm assuming they didn't deliver it on tuesday not because they didn't process it. but that they didn't have one of the items to process it, therefore had to wait for them to be in stock again???! I don't know!!

Anyway!! My make up arrived from mac, and will do a Haul post all at once as it's a lot more exciting that way, but something special should be arriving later that's not make up and i'm sooo excited about that, so may have to post about that separately as it's so beautiful, it really deserves it's own post!!!

Can't wait!! xx

Sunday, 6 December 2009

First Blog & Recent Purchases

Hiya! As you can see from the title this is my first blog and I have lots to talk about! I came back from Egypt on the 25th November after a three week holiday and quickly got in on the action regarding Macs new winter collection as it wasn't out when I left early in November.

But before I begin on the goodies I might as well give you an insight on the kind of make up I enjoy wearing. I have too extremes, it seems the colder it gets the brighter my make uop becomes, during the summer I wear light coral colours on my cheeks and metallics on my lips (tends to be lipglosses) like 'Oh Baby', which in my opinon is a gorgeous liquid metal lipgloss, and looks great by itself but yet really funks up neutral colours. (Swatch will come soon when I get back to london, I left it at home as well, it's winter!!)

My winter colours consist of (and to be honest there are my favourites and if I can get away with it, I do this in the summer too as looks great with a tan) and that is...coral lipsticks and pink blusher, and this is where we start my haul :)

First Purchase.....


My love, My Love, Oh Dainty

Love at first sight although I didn't buy it straight away, I did have various encounters with it and kept trying it on as I like to make sure blushers suits me before I buy it. It is a great blush and being a NW20 I was supprised how well the pink blended in and didn't make me look ridiculous,

my only fear is it runs out or gets discontinued before I get a chance to get another. But then I started to think about something else...I need it...I must have should be mine......


Nars Orgasm.

A whole different story, I know everyone said it's a dupe for dainty, but being the blush fanatic I am, I don't really agree.

Nars is a whole different consistancy and the pigmentation really differs. Dainty I feel works a lot better on my natural pale skin while Orgasm looked a lot better when mixed with Medium Plus Skinfinish (bought especially for Orgasm...seriously thanks Miss Mac I need any encouragment!!!) but both are great investments (it makes us feel a whole lot better when we refer to them as investments!!) .

Next is well my greatest obsession in Mac Winter Collection.
Meet Mr Suprise me!!

He doesn't look like it, but he is my lover.

He is a lovely coral, and a great mixer for my other Corals (Ravishing & Vegas Volt). I wouldn't say it calms down the colour of these vibrant corals but Suprise Me certainly makes them more suitable for my skin tone.

Being a Mac L.E he certainly sent me into a bit of a spin, I really hate the ideas of anything I like being limited edition, sudden sadness.

Meet my next friend, Ravishing. (Second from Left)

These pictures make them look pinky, but they're not!

Probably the most wearble coral in my collection. and with Suprise Me or Lipgel as a base goes on evenly and it's a really beautiful coral, ans suprisingly wearable.

I do find a lot of Mac lipsticks make my lips look really dry and amplify any imperfections, so I always try and get my lips as smooth as possible before applying any lipstick.

Next, Vegas Volt. (Last Right) Heard about this quite a lot recently, I finished my Edna collection Lippie (y'know the coral one!!) and was looking for a similar replacement but less red and more orange..and tada, it's really good, really orange!! Again I mix it with Surprise Me to make it more wearable, but still remains bright.

Oh and that problem about Suprise Me being limited edition.....



Yeah so well I had to didn't I!


Great Coral Dazzleglass.

That is all.

Medium Plus, Looks better under Nars Orgasm t than Medium, so became a must have, sorta.

Smoky Lash is what a was determined to pick up from Egypt! I couldn't wait to have it.

It's a nice enough Mascara, I wasn't amazed. It makes my lashes look good, but it's certainly not the miracle worker that I expected to be. saying that, when I mixed up with my pro lash mac mascara they looked pretty. (I use pro lash to cheat and make the lashes look longers, yet I saud Cheeeaat!)

Love this!! Slicked Pink - looks more orange :)

Great as a mixer, but acts as a really creamy clear gloss by itself, I prefer it with a bit of colour though so often mix it with stuff.

Iris Accents

Lilac eyeliner withf glitter pigments from the Winter Range, love wearing in in the corners of my eyes and makes a nice change from using something like Mr Frosty.

Chanel Vendetta

Beautiful. but for me, it chips and peels off within the day :( I have tried different basecoats and topcoats but nothing is working, but love the nail varnish anyway, always makes me feel good know i'm wearing a bit of Chanel :)

That's my Haul for you!! Hope you enjoyed reading and sorry if it got slightly tedious,