Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A couple of weeks worth of 'whoops'....

Warm & Cozy - Love Lace Collection

 Hypnotizing Eyshadow 
Love Lace Eyeshadow

 Feline Eyeliner plus backup :)

Tried to take a decent picture of By Candlelight & Comfort but it just wouldn't :(

I also got

Shimmermoss Eyeshadow & Knight Divine Eyeshadow
Both Veluxe fravourite!!!
(Knight Divine mixed with Love Lace makes the sexiest smokey eye)

Saint Germain Lipstick                                   Impassioned Lipstick

Costa Chic Lipstick
It's Loveeeeeeee!!!!

Gold Deposit MSF
(This is the only MSF that showed up on camera, due to the sparkles)

Enough said ;)

My first 4.5g pigment, in Dark Soul.
I love how it has so many multi coloured sparkles in it, and it looks fabulous over paintpoints :)

I need to stop buying make up, I need some new clothes!!!!!

Till next time!

Mwah! x

Chain Me Down!

I have been after a certain pair of chain effect leggings for ages, the day after I put them down in Topshop and said 'payday' they took them off the site, therefore I gave up hope! I returned to Topshop today (don't tell daddy, I was on company time!!) and I asked the girl working around the part of the shop that I had seen the lleggings in the first place and she sad 'oh they're in sale, they've been there for days'...

I literally ran!

...and there they were, in my size, sitting there all alone, for half the price....who said romance was dead?

I love them!!! Although they make me look like I have love purses at the top of legs, but hey, they look pretty, I love chain effect anything!!

Bought anything funky recently???

Mwah! x

Monday, 18 January 2010

Sineads 300 Follower Giveaway..

My darling Sinead at is having a 300 follower giveaway!

You must all enter and check her blog out if you haven't already as she is a total sweetie!!

Congrats on your 300 followers, heres to 300 more!!

Mwah! x

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Did any of you catch Material Girls on Thursday? I was lusting over the red shoes she was bought and kept trying to catch glimpses of the designer, till I replayed (bbc iplayer!) and saw the close up of the box.

My cousin is slightly shoe/fashion crazy, so I had heard of this designer before, I've heard then being compared to Christian Louboutin especially as most of the shoes, if not all have a red sole and think the designs are similar.

I have fallen in love.

Gorgeous arn't they?

I'm a big fan of studded effect shoes, and especially if they're black and gold!

I have decided these will be mine by the end of 2010, if they'll still be available! What things are on your wants list this year?

Mwah! x

Sad News...

Eyeko are to stop trading in Superdrug, they're currently shifting all their stock for a £1 so hurry along and grab your favourites items before they're gone.

Even though you can still buy the things online, on Eyeko's website, Superdug always have offers on them and plus, I hate buying things I have not seen first.

 Where do you get your Eyeko goodies from? What are your favourites?

Mwah! x

I Hate Not Posting + This Weeks Update

The last few days have been hectic! I have been back and forth seeing my sisters baby and making sure she is settling in, the baby has Jaundice which is very common but it's stressing my sister out so I try and help out as much as I can.

I have a job interview next Wednesday (wish me luck) i'm really excited and hope it works out, it's nothing really special but it's more hours and money and will hopefully help pay for a couple of courses I want to do early next academic year. :D

Also good news, my 'big hair' experince lasted three days without losing volume, I washed it on the fourth and blow dried it this time with my Tigi Thickening Blowdry Serum and woah, 'BIG'!

I bought a couple of things this week but alas no picture due to being at work, I will post about them later.........

Hope you all have had a great week,

Mwah! x

Monday, 11 January 2010

My New Born Neice.................

Meet Zainab

Isn't she beautiful, she came out of my little sister Monday morning at 6am! I keep staring at her and thinking that, it's so amazing, when I look at her I just want to cry with happiness, I just want to dress her up and paint her nails already.

Thanks for reading, I really wanted to share the love, I also hate not updating my blog, so this sorta explans why i've not today!

Mwah! x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Photo Tag

I have been tagged by the lovely Sinead @, thank you darling, and here are my photo's (two because Sinead suggested I posted my tenth picture from Facebook and my laptop, my laptop is recent therefore doesn't have many pictures).

Here we go

Me as Snow White at a fancy dress two years ago, although I look more like a blow up doll!

My beautiful niece and I last summer, her name is Emily and is really the light of my life. She loves Elmo (and Dora) and likes to dance with him when he starts strutting his stuff!!

Hope you like them!

If we have never spoken and you have come across this, I tag you, just post a link in the comment box, and the same for everyone, I tag you! It would be nice to see what random pics we all come up with!

Mwah! x

OPI Nail Envy - Giving It Another Shot

I used this religiously for about a month prior to going to Egypt in November, I got some really good results but when I arrived in Egypt I couldn’t keep up with the daily application, which sounds ridiculous, only takes a few minutes right? Not with my sisters two kids, honestly, I don’t know how you mothers do it!

Now that the kids are no longer around (they came back with me and stayed in London for a month) I have no excuses and am starting again. I had a moment of evil yesterday which I convinced myself I needed beautiful fake (oxymoron, yes?) nails, and I was planning to get them done as soon as I finished work.

Thankfully I’m easily influenced and decided to give Nail Envy another try, (thank you Tweeters, you know who you are) I might as well give it another try, what’s a month, when the damage fake nails do last a lot longer.

Nail Envy, which I bought from the OPI in Selfridges cost around £18.99, there are different types, but I got the original as pictured above (not my picture, I Google nicked it!)

To find out more about the different Nail Envy line go to:

Therefore today I have soaked my nails, got them as clean as I could, and applied two layers of Nail Envy on my little nails, as well as two coats of Rainbow by GOSH just to make me smile, although I do wish I had applied a pink underneath, that would have looked really pretty.

I might have to get an extra Rainbow, one to mix with other colours, and one to not to...any excuse eh!

Wish my nails luck, I will keep you all informed with a ‘Nail Envy – Sunday Report’ because I am sure you will all be dying to know how my nails are doing hahahaha!!

Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment below, have you used Nail Envy before, what were the results? Leave a link to your Nail Envy experience to I an have a read 

Mwah! x

BIG Shampoo : The Morning After

I used this for the first time last night, I was going to do a review straight after but it seemed pointless as how clean it felt after it had been washed would be pointless if it dried differently.

The first rise created no foam, I had that 'am I doing this right' thought, and reached for the tub in the hope they had instructions of some sort, but nothing, so I just carried on scrubbing. The second foam was a lot different, as soon as I started massaging it into my scalp it created the most amazing foam and left my hair feeling really clean and fresh upon rinsing

If you follow me on twitter you will know last night I used the term ‘weird’ to describe the ‘big’ experience, I guess that was slightly wrong, it’s more unexpected than weird. The foam was very thick and well, big, something I didn’t expect after a rather boring first scrub. The foam reminded me of a silicon tube, you know how it comes out and just foams up, a bit like that!

I left my hair to dry naturally overnight, rather than batter is with heat and other chemicals.

This morning my hair is huge and super silky, so silky I felt bad going near my GHD’s and so big that I had to have it out with my brush, several times and it didn’t effect the volume at all, and even though it’s really soft, I’m finding my hair a bit hard to style, I didn’t have much time this morning therefore it’s hidden underneath a hat, therefore I do wish I had washed it earlier in the evening and waited for it to dry and maybe styled it before I slept, as it’s being a bit difficult to tame this morning!

I have quite fine hair, it’s naturally straight but does have moments of crazy waviness too, so I would say it’s done a nice job, but I don’t think I would use this all the time, maybe once a week, I think it would be too much on my hair to use this everytime.

I will be doing a later on the week continuation review on this to see how long the softness remains, and a second wash review, I want to milk this review because it does cost £9.90 and wouldn’t want to recommended it if I hadn’t reviewed it thoroughly.

Thanks for reading,

Mwah! x

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The newest addition to my family....

Meet Dexter.

He is gorgeous and I am very lucky to be his mum. He is very shy and doesn't come out of his house to eat unless I remove it, which I know sounds mean but I literally mean all his food is still there the next morning, so i take out his houe till he has eaten enough and then put it back, he has gotten better over the last day though, I think the pet shop only fed him pellet food, as veg seems new to him, although he doesn't seem to mind it.

He is long haired, and is tri-coloured, the rest of his body minus his head is all white, I love him so. He is only four months so still a baby, I currently have him curled up in a fleece and he looks really comfy all snuggled on his side ready to be stroked.

I'm sure I will post more pictures of him soon when he isn't as shy!! He is also getting along really well with Fufu which is my female guinea, and again I will post pictures of her soon too :)

Thanks for reading, leave me a comment below, do you have any pets, what have you called them? Tell me.

Mwah! x

A Lush, Lush Haul <3

(The Lush Draw as it currently stands, obv excludes hair stuff which I don't keep in there)

I bloody love Lush.  Up until a few weeks ago I had not used anything for quite a while, which in it’s own way was good, it’s always good to take a break from constant usage of something you use, especially if it becomes something so predominant in your day to day life , you don’t enjoy it as much.

After the constant Lush tweetering I decided to head to my Lush draw and used my last Avobath and the next day my Honey Bee ballistic (my favourite) and this truly put me back into the Lush game, sadly it was a little too late for me to get some of the Christmas delights (Snow Fairy *teaaars*) but thankfully I did manage to grab a cinder (my favourite Christmas Lush product) and a few back ups which will most probably not get used up as running out would make me sad…

Thing I picked up over the two trips include,

Soft Coeur Massage Bar – I really love this bar, it’s super sweet (reminds me of caramel, vanilla and chocolate) and I always use it when I want to feel cosy and comfy, it’s a heart shape and had a rather large chocolate centre, it smells utterly divine, I don’t tend to use this all the time, I keep it as more of a treat J

Link to it is:

Mange Too Massage Bar – This is my day to day massage bar, I only use it straight after coming out the bath, if I forget I don’t bother as I feel it works best when your body is still warm. It smells like honey and in my opinion is best matched with the Honey Bee ballistic if you really want that honey scent to linger on you.

Link to it is:

Honey Bee Ballistic – My favourite, see review post below.

Link to it is:

4 Cinders + 4 free in goodie bag J - Will be wrting up a review for this either late this evening or tomorrow, don’t want to give to much away but the scent is gorgeous, it reminds me of spiced apples and all things Christmas time.

Ma Bar Bubble Bar – I love this Bubble Bar and is the only one I buy have always bought and bought again,  they tend to be quite soft therefore you can break them into two and use it twice, although you could use it less, I tend to use only a little if it’s going to be a short bath. It has a caramel chocolate scent, with a brown sugar cube centre.

Link to it is:

These are all things that I’ve bought that I’ve not used used therefore cannot comment, watch out for blogs and reviews regarding these items, especially the BIG Shampoo which I’m using for the first time tonight.

Candy Cane Bar, Pop In The Bath, Think Pink Ballistic, Butterball Ballistic, Mr Butterball, BIG Shampoo, Aqua Marabilis and Vanilla Fountain.

Thanks for reading, and please leave me a comment below with what your favourite Lush things are, and a link to your recent Lush haul if you have one.

Mwah! x


Go on, ask me anything :)

Mwah! x

Lush Honey Bee – Review

What Lush says about it: For a soothing, cleansing soak. Honey Bee smells like caramel, much like Honey, I Washed The Kids soap and Soft Coeur massage bar do. Honey Bee holds its own special distinction, though; in addition to soothing honey, it has Moroccan Rhassoul mud to deep cleanse and soften your skin. The world's best spas offer honey or mud baths on their menus. Now, you can have both in one go, for roughly 1% of the cost.

Do I like it? This is my very favourite ballistic in the permanent range (available all year through). It is a beautiful colour and the smell is divine, it’s super honey sweet but not sickly, I tend to use it once a week as I don’t want to start finding it boring.

The first time I used it I do remember thinking, ‘is this it’ the ball fizzed out in about three minutes and smell did not linger, however, the second time I thought about it, warm water wouldn’t really let the scent expand as steam and make my bathroom smell all lovely, so I let the bath run a lot hotter as it would usually and let the ball in there to do it’s magic, jumped in when I’d mixed it with some warm water and voila, my bathroom and I smelt lovely, although I do always have a scrub after as all the ballistics seem to leave a little residue.

However, I have quite sensitive skin, therefore I’d never depend on a bath ballistic to moisturise my skin alone. Don’t expect miracles, it’s a bath ballistic, not a moisturiser. (follow it up with my mange too, it’s the perfect mix!)

It’s also a nice ballistic to use when you have a cold, the honey scent is always comforting this time of year.

Price? It’s £2.85, which is pretty reasonable in my opinion.

Thanks for reading, leave me a comment below telling me what you think about this Ballistic.
Mwah! x

Friday, 1 January 2010

I like stuff.

Hi everyone, sorry i've not posted in a while, I usually have plenty of time to write but it's been a busy week, if we speak on twitter you'll probably know my (step) sister is over from Egypt until next Thurs with her two kids (therefore when i'm at home there is no rest!) and my little sister is ready to give birth at any moment now, so i'm literally living life in a panic at the moment, sleeping as much as I can when I can as I could be woken up at anytime to head to the hospital, just thinking about it tears me up, she is my only biological sister therefore this is a really big thing for me, especially being the 'big sis' I don't know how i'm going to react seeing her in so much pain. I've not been the greatest sister over the last year, so i'm making sure i'm the best sister I can be in 2010.

I got my hair cut (well fringe) on Tuesday and bought lots of hair goodies to keep it tamed, a haircut really represents new beginnings to me, therefore I like to start the year with a new look.

Last year I got a haircut that resembled Sarah Hardings hair in 'Call The Shots' but i've got dark hair :) her haircut was really shot down by the critics who said it wad like something out of Star Trek, but I actually like haircuts like that, bold haircuts look better on me rather than the standard boring styles.

My main concerns regarding my hair is volume, I always want more more more, but some days I have no time (or generally cannot be arsed) to back comb the extensions, put them into place and spend the day checking on them (Girls any silicone based shampoo will make your extension clips slide off quicker than usual so be warned!) so I really want to shorten the routine to a couple of products.

The Products are:

  • Bed Head by Tigi 'Volumizing Hairspray' - I used this everyday since I got it, every time i've found it really sticky. It did however create volume which didn't last anymore than a couple of minutes.
  • Catwalk by Tigi 'Work-It' Hairspray - I love this hairspray, it's a workable one which means you can spray then still style your hair, I know there are lots of them around, but thsi is the first one i've used and actually holds for the whole day.
  • Bed head by Tigi 'Blowdry Lotion For Thick Massive Hair' - Amazing, I massaged this into my damp scalp after towel drying my hair, and then blow dry'd my hair and found it to be a lot thicker looking (and easier to style after!!). It's lasted all day and the next day it was still thicker looking. I can't wait to use this more!!
I also bought a few (wink wink!) Collection 2000 Glam Crystals, they are really nice, although the blue ones cause skin staining, which I found an oil based cleanser doesnt remove, had to wash it off.

I wanted to take swatches of them, but my battery died, so will leave that for my next blog entry. :) Booo it ruined everything!

What I was listening to during writing this blog is Ego by The Saturdays, I really love this song and the video, I want all the outfits they wore! Did anyone else see Gavin & Stacey?? It was so lovely! :)

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed Christmas and are having a great to start to the New Year,

I wish you all the best and hope we can all make 2010 the best so far.

Mwah! x