Sunday, 10 January 2010

Photo Tag

I have been tagged by the lovely Sinead @, thank you darling, and here are my photo's (two because Sinead suggested I posted my tenth picture from Facebook and my laptop, my laptop is recent therefore doesn't have many pictures).

Here we go

Me as Snow White at a fancy dress two years ago, although I look more like a blow up doll!

My beautiful niece and I last summer, her name is Emily and is really the light of my life. She loves Elmo (and Dora) and likes to dance with him when he starts strutting his stuff!!

Hope you like them!

If we have never spoken and you have come across this, I tag you, just post a link in the comment box, and the same for everyone, I tag you! It would be nice to see what random pics we all come up with!

Mwah! x


  1. Aww yay thank you for doing this post hunny bun!
    Love both pictures! The one of you and your niece is so adorable, she is such a little cutie!
    Love you and your style hun! & you look amazing dressed as snow white! :)
    <3 xox

  2. I wanted to keep that dress but that particular shop is known to take people to court if you don't return the outfits, I loved it, I wanted to wear it forever!

    My neice is so lovely, I miss her so much

    Mwah! x

  3. aw we have a fancy dress shop like that in leeds! I had to dress up as little red riding hood in school for 'world book week' cost £25 to rent for 1 day! what a joke! haha



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