Sunday, 10 January 2010

BIG Shampoo : The Morning After

I used this for the first time last night, I was going to do a review straight after but it seemed pointless as how clean it felt after it had been washed would be pointless if it dried differently.

The first rise created no foam, I had that 'am I doing this right' thought, and reached for the tub in the hope they had instructions of some sort, but nothing, so I just carried on scrubbing. The second foam was a lot different, as soon as I started massaging it into my scalp it created the most amazing foam and left my hair feeling really clean and fresh upon rinsing

If you follow me on twitter you will know last night I used the term ‘weird’ to describe the ‘big’ experience, I guess that was slightly wrong, it’s more unexpected than weird. The foam was very thick and well, big, something I didn’t expect after a rather boring first scrub. The foam reminded me of a silicon tube, you know how it comes out and just foams up, a bit like that!

I left my hair to dry naturally overnight, rather than batter is with heat and other chemicals.

This morning my hair is huge and super silky, so silky I felt bad going near my GHD’s and so big that I had to have it out with my brush, several times and it didn’t effect the volume at all, and even though it’s really soft, I’m finding my hair a bit hard to style, I didn’t have much time this morning therefore it’s hidden underneath a hat, therefore I do wish I had washed it earlier in the evening and waited for it to dry and maybe styled it before I slept, as it’s being a bit difficult to tame this morning!

I have quite fine hair, it’s naturally straight but does have moments of crazy waviness too, so I would say it’s done a nice job, but I don’t think I would use this all the time, maybe once a week, I think it would be too much on my hair to use this everytime.

I will be doing a later on the week continuation review on this to see how long the softness remains, and a second wash review, I want to milk this review because it does cost £9.90 and wouldn’t want to recommended it if I hadn’t reviewed it thoroughly.

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Mwah! x

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  1. I've just bought this after trying a sample, I loved it :) xxx


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