Sunday, 10 January 2010

OPI Nail Envy - Giving It Another Shot

I used this religiously for about a month prior to going to Egypt in November, I got some really good results but when I arrived in Egypt I couldn’t keep up with the daily application, which sounds ridiculous, only takes a few minutes right? Not with my sisters two kids, honestly, I don’t know how you mothers do it!

Now that the kids are no longer around (they came back with me and stayed in London for a month) I have no excuses and am starting again. I had a moment of evil yesterday which I convinced myself I needed beautiful fake (oxymoron, yes?) nails, and I was planning to get them done as soon as I finished work.

Thankfully I’m easily influenced and decided to give Nail Envy another try, (thank you Tweeters, you know who you are) I might as well give it another try, what’s a month, when the damage fake nails do last a lot longer.

Nail Envy, which I bought from the OPI in Selfridges cost around £18.99, there are different types, but I got the original as pictured above (not my picture, I Google nicked it!)

To find out more about the different Nail Envy line go to:

Therefore today I have soaked my nails, got them as clean as I could, and applied two layers of Nail Envy on my little nails, as well as two coats of Rainbow by GOSH just to make me smile, although I do wish I had applied a pink underneath, that would have looked really pretty.

I might have to get an extra Rainbow, one to mix with other colours, and one to not to...any excuse eh!

Wish my nails luck, I will keep you all informed with a ‘Nail Envy – Sunday Report’ because I am sure you will all be dying to know how my nails are doing hahahaha!!

Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment below, have you used Nail Envy before, what were the results? Leave a link to your Nail Envy experience to I an have a read 

Mwah! x


  1. No need to pay that amount for it or any opi colours

    use this seller shes amazing! i've ordered from her a couple of times!


  2. Thanks honey!!! Readers you hear that!!! Wooo :)

    Mwah! x


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