Saturday, 9 January 2010

The newest addition to my family....

Meet Dexter.

He is gorgeous and I am very lucky to be his mum. He is very shy and doesn't come out of his house to eat unless I remove it, which I know sounds mean but I literally mean all his food is still there the next morning, so i take out his houe till he has eaten enough and then put it back, he has gotten better over the last day though, I think the pet shop only fed him pellet food, as veg seems new to him, although he doesn't seem to mind it.

He is long haired, and is tri-coloured, the rest of his body minus his head is all white, I love him so. He is only four months so still a baby, I currently have him curled up in a fleece and he looks really comfy all snuggled on his side ready to be stroked.

I'm sure I will post more pictures of him soon when he isn't as shy!! He is also getting along really well with Fufu which is my female guinea, and again I will post pictures of her soon too :)

Thanks for reading, leave me a comment below, do you have any pets, what have you called them? Tell me.

Mwah! x


  1. Aww dexter is such a cutie hunny! bless him! Unfortunately no i dont have any pets anymore!But would love another hamster!
    <3 xox

  2. awww hes so cute!
    I've got 2 Guinea Pigs called Muffin & Truffle - there are a couple of pics here:


  3. Sinead tell your boyfriend you are having a new hammie or else! <3

    Caz I'm going to look now, although I will probably wheek (wheek not wee) with excitement and want more guineas <3 xxx


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