Saturday, 9 January 2010

Lush Honey Bee – Review

What Lush says about it: For a soothing, cleansing soak. Honey Bee smells like caramel, much like Honey, I Washed The Kids soap and Soft Coeur massage bar do. Honey Bee holds its own special distinction, though; in addition to soothing honey, it has Moroccan Rhassoul mud to deep cleanse and soften your skin. The world's best spas offer honey or mud baths on their menus. Now, you can have both in one go, for roughly 1% of the cost.

Do I like it? This is my very favourite ballistic in the permanent range (available all year through). It is a beautiful colour and the smell is divine, it’s super honey sweet but not sickly, I tend to use it once a week as I don’t want to start finding it boring.

The first time I used it I do remember thinking, ‘is this it’ the ball fizzed out in about three minutes and smell did not linger, however, the second time I thought about it, warm water wouldn’t really let the scent expand as steam and make my bathroom smell all lovely, so I let the bath run a lot hotter as it would usually and let the ball in there to do it’s magic, jumped in when I’d mixed it with some warm water and voila, my bathroom and I smelt lovely, although I do always have a scrub after as all the ballistics seem to leave a little residue.

However, I have quite sensitive skin, therefore I’d never depend on a bath ballistic to moisturise my skin alone. Don’t expect miracles, it’s a bath ballistic, not a moisturiser. (follow it up with my mange too, it’s the perfect mix!)

It’s also a nice ballistic to use when you have a cold, the honey scent is always comforting this time of year.

Price? It’s £2.85, which is pretty reasonable in my opinion.

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Mwah! x

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  1. Great review chick, This sounds amazing! i was going to get this the other day for James as he liked the smell :) ended up getting him mr butterball though lol!
    I may have to get it next time im in lush!
    <3 xoxo


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