Thursday, 10 December 2009

Yay and Nay!

Hiya! It's been a few days since i've posted and I really want to make it more of habit therefore I need to make time for it whenever I can.

I have a huge haul this weekend as have been busy picking my winter make up must haves and they are either arriving this evening or tomorrow, a couple of single bits will also arrive next week including a liptick which i'm really excited about trying, and the more videos I see or and reviews I read I really wish I'd ordered more.........but I won't talk about it till it gets here as really don't want to curse it, my delivery 'luck' has been rubbish this week...........ok RANT!! I ordered some mac online bits on Monday at 11am, one hour before the 12pm next day delivery closing time, I also specified I wanted the 'AM' delivery as I didn't want to hang around all day. So. I waited, and got slightly worried as I had stuff to do as called to make sure it was coming, so guess what?! It hadn't even been processed, let alone on it's way. I was so annoyed, but the girl on the phone seemed sweet and just as baffled so I tried not to be mean. She promised to call before 6pm to let me know if it will be with me tomorrow, she didn't call. I called her and it will be with me on Thursday morning instead.

I know I know, I am being slightly dramatic and it's not the end of the world, but when I spend that much, I'd like to know if my item is arriving, at least call and tell me if it's not, why make the paying customers do all the leg's ridiculous!

EDIT ON THE DELIVERY FRONT! Guess what turned up this afternoon about an hour after this post? Another Mac delivery, I was out so my sis signed for it, and it was my order again, minus one item, with Tuesdays date on it, while the one I got in the morning has todays on the delivery sticker. I was baffled. I'm assuming they didn't deliver it on tuesday not because they didn't process it. but that they didn't have one of the items to process it, therefore had to wait for them to be in stock again???! I don't know!!

Anyway!! My make up arrived from mac, and will do a Haul post all at once as it's a lot more exciting that way, but something special should be arriving later that's not make up and i'm sooo excited about that, so may have to post about that separately as it's so beautiful, it really deserves it's own post!!!

Can't wait!! xx

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