Sunday, 6 December 2009

First Blog & Recent Purchases

Hiya! As you can see from the title this is my first blog and I have lots to talk about! I came back from Egypt on the 25th November after a three week holiday and quickly got in on the action regarding Macs new winter collection as it wasn't out when I left early in November.

But before I begin on the goodies I might as well give you an insight on the kind of make up I enjoy wearing. I have too extremes, it seems the colder it gets the brighter my make uop becomes, during the summer I wear light coral colours on my cheeks and metallics on my lips (tends to be lipglosses) like 'Oh Baby', which in my opinon is a gorgeous liquid metal lipgloss, and looks great by itself but yet really funks up neutral colours. (Swatch will come soon when I get back to london, I left it at home as well, it's winter!!)

My winter colours consist of (and to be honest there are my favourites and if I can get away with it, I do this in the summer too as looks great with a tan) and that is...coral lipsticks and pink blusher, and this is where we start my haul :)

First Purchase.....


My love, My Love, Oh Dainty

Love at first sight although I didn't buy it straight away, I did have various encounters with it and kept trying it on as I like to make sure blushers suits me before I buy it. It is a great blush and being a NW20 I was supprised how well the pink blended in and didn't make me look ridiculous,

my only fear is it runs out or gets discontinued before I get a chance to get another. But then I started to think about something else...I need it...I must have should be mine......


Nars Orgasm.

A whole different story, I know everyone said it's a dupe for dainty, but being the blush fanatic I am, I don't really agree.

Nars is a whole different consistancy and the pigmentation really differs. Dainty I feel works a lot better on my natural pale skin while Orgasm looked a lot better when mixed with Medium Plus Skinfinish (bought especially for Orgasm...seriously thanks Miss Mac I need any encouragment!!!) but both are great investments (it makes us feel a whole lot better when we refer to them as investments!!) .

Next is well my greatest obsession in Mac Winter Collection.
Meet Mr Suprise me!!

He doesn't look like it, but he is my lover.

He is a lovely coral, and a great mixer for my other Corals (Ravishing & Vegas Volt). I wouldn't say it calms down the colour of these vibrant corals but Suprise Me certainly makes them more suitable for my skin tone.

Being a Mac L.E he certainly sent me into a bit of a spin, I really hate the ideas of anything I like being limited edition, sudden sadness.

Meet my next friend, Ravishing. (Second from Left)

These pictures make them look pinky, but they're not!

Probably the most wearble coral in my collection. and with Suprise Me or Lipgel as a base goes on evenly and it's a really beautiful coral, ans suprisingly wearable.

I do find a lot of Mac lipsticks make my lips look really dry and amplify any imperfections, so I always try and get my lips as smooth as possible before applying any lipstick.

Next, Vegas Volt. (Last Right) Heard about this quite a lot recently, I finished my Edna collection Lippie (y'know the coral one!!) and was looking for a similar replacement but less red and more orange..and tada, it's really good, really orange!! Again I mix it with Surprise Me to make it more wearable, but still remains bright.

Oh and that problem about Suprise Me being limited edition.....



Yeah so well I had to didn't I!


Great Coral Dazzleglass.

That is all.

Medium Plus, Looks better under Nars Orgasm t than Medium, so became a must have, sorta.

Smoky Lash is what a was determined to pick up from Egypt! I couldn't wait to have it.

It's a nice enough Mascara, I wasn't amazed. It makes my lashes look good, but it's certainly not the miracle worker that I expected to be. saying that, when I mixed up with my pro lash mac mascara they looked pretty. (I use pro lash to cheat and make the lashes look longers, yet I saud Cheeeaat!)

Love this!! Slicked Pink - looks more orange :)

Great as a mixer, but acts as a really creamy clear gloss by itself, I prefer it with a bit of colour though so often mix it with stuff.

Iris Accents

Lilac eyeliner withf glitter pigments from the Winter Range, love wearing in in the corners of my eyes and makes a nice change from using something like Mr Frosty.

Chanel Vendetta

Beautiful. but for me, it chips and peels off within the day :( I have tried different basecoats and topcoats but nothing is working, but love the nail varnish anyway, always makes me feel good know i'm wearing a bit of Chanel :)

That's my Haul for you!! Hope you enjoyed reading and sorry if it got slightly tedious,




  1. YAY! I love it darling, there isnt a better way of starting a blog than with a haul!
    I absolutely love everything youve bought & i love dainty! Have you tried gentle though? its a gorgeous pink!
    Love the background aswell hun! :)

  2. I have not but I have that make up site link you sent me yesterday and some money in my paypal account so I think I just mentally bought it! :D


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