Saturday, 12 December 2009

Something New, Something Old

Hiya Guys, this is my latest MAC Haul, I am very excited about showing off these items and hope you enjoy it, many of them have not been used yet so if you know what works well with what - eyeshadow/blush colour combos etc, then please leave me a comment :)

I am a bit OCD with certain items, especially items I adore and know I won't be able to get my hands on again easily, therefore for the past few days I have been avoiding using my favourite 'feel good' lipgloss until I make sure I have another, don't worry though i'm not mental, the gloss is a Mac L.E therefore is a reason behind my madness! MACS Heatherette Collections 'Sock Hop' arrived today while I was at work and I love it. The picture makes it seem like a beige, but it's not, oooh no do not be fooled, I love my oranges and bright corals and this is certainly one, I can happily use this one knowing I have a spare nearby :)

This is a picture of my latest surperdrug Purchases, it has been a 3for2 on all cosmetics this week so I treated myself :)

The colours are:
Rimmel (The Purple Case in Coral Queen
Barry M's Orange Gloss in Tropical Tango
Barry M's Lip Paint in '54'
Rimmels Coral in Gold.

The Barry M lipgloss is my new favourite 'everyday' gloss, one that I'd happily use sparingly. It's got a great colour consistancy. :)

I also bought Barry M's 'Mint Green' Nail Polish but forgot to take a picture :)

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in 'Soft and Gentle'
MAC Mineralize Blush in 'Gentle'
MAC Colour Base in 'Shell'
MAC Colour Base in 'Fabulush'

I am in Love with Soft and Gentle, I must have another one, as I worry it'll run out already!

Gentle is seriously dangerous, it should come with a warning sign, I put on too much the first time round and looked like a tomato.

Colour bases are fun, make my phone all icky though! Like to use them as highlighters or cheek stains. :)

In no particular order (I stupidly moved them before I took note of the order).

MAC Mineralize e/s in 'Play on Plums'
MAC e/s in 'Beauty Marked'
MAC e/s in 'Star Violet'
MAC e/s in 'All That Glitters'
MAC e/s in 'Smut'
MAC e/s in 'Tempting'
MAC e/s in 'Swimming'
MAC e/s in Woodwinked'.

Woodwinked reminds me Antiqued, although both look great mixed with All That Glitters.

Swimming is fabulous colour for green eyes, especially mixed with a bright purple, but I did expect beauty marked to be a bit more purple, it's darker with bright purple glitter pigments, but brilliant when blended near the lash line. Star violet reminds me of a mild expensive pink, can't wait to try it!! :)

Studio Stick x 2 in NC20

which was a slight woops as I'm a NW2 but a bit of Medium MSF fixes everything :) This foundation is .... alright, bit drying, matte defo was a good choice for it.

Matte is great, although you need to use quite a bit to achieve the ultra soft finish everyone always goes on about.

My first MAC 15 e/s palette, empty obviously, must fill it up soon, and now I have an excuse to buy MORE!!!

MAC Fix +
MAC Cleanse Off Oil

Used none of these yet, so will be pampering myself on Sunday night, and review them during the week :)

Heard I should mix a couple of pumps of the Cleanse off with a bit of Fix +, am I right???

MAC 129 Brush
MAC 187 Brush
MAC 168 Brush
MAC 138 Brush
MAC 134 Brush

My favourite so far is the 187, which is thr stippling brush, very multi use, and I love it, I have two, one for creams and one for blushers :)

MAC 182 Brush
MAC 213 Brush
MAC 275 Brush
MAC 239 Brush x 2
MAC 129SH Brush

MACs 129SH is my longest standing MAC brush, I bought one years ago, before my MAC adoration began, it's a really good on the go blush brush.

239s are great, so great I needed two.

My 'New Old Stuff' :)

No idea why I forgot to open my Alexander Mcqueen e/s in Pagen, only just realised when I saw the picture on the laptop and the stuff was already boxed back in the draw. YES I LEAVE THINGS IN THEIR BOXES!

MAC Alexander Mcqueen e/s in 'Pagen'
MAC Mineralize e/s in Word-To-Mouth'
MAC e/s in 'Fashion Groupie'
MAC e/s in 'Buckwheat' (bought unboxed)
MAC e/s in 'Vibrant Grape'
MAC e/s in 'Budding Beauty' (bought unboxed

I'm trying to find Buckwheat again, so if you have, and don't want it, please comment, I love it sooo much!!

Oh and a dupe for Fashion Groupie, which is a lot more pigmented and IMO a better quality purple is Urban Decays 'Purple Haze'.

Hope you've enjoy my Haul!! :)

Mwah! x


  1. This is my favourite haul by far my darling! You have bought so much stuff, i am truely jealous and want everything youve got! haha!
    All the brushes look so gorgeous, i cant wait to receive my 138!! :) My christmas present to my self!
    Ive just ordered myself another empty palette so cant wait to try and fill it again!

  2. We haaave to compare notes on the palette a mine is empty and I need inspiration!!!! MWAH! So glad you enjoyed the haul, I want to do it all over again, stop me now...............!!! xxxx


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