Thursday, 10 December 2009





Aren't they beautiful?! :)

And my haul blog......


as you can see it might take a while to get through! Also got a double order of some stuff by accident, therefore have some things I want to sell!

Comment me if you are interested. Brushes 138, 187, All brand new in their packets :) beauty marked and star violet and play on plums eyeshadow, please check out the colours on if you don't know what these items are, and the site will give you swatches etc.

Hurry though, I hate selling new things, they look too pretty to sell hahaha!

Mwah! x


  1. :O i didnt know you shared my obsession of vivienne westwood!
    Were too similiar its weird! I have so much vivienne westwood jewellery, even getting some for christmas! :)
    Love the necklace!

  2. It's Bow and Westwood I am obsessed with, so this was just perfect, really wanted the bracelet so might have to ponder over that!! We are very alike, but I think that's actually cool! :) I found Ceylon for about 27 inc delivery, read the review since you mentioned it, I want them al! What other VW stuff have you got?

  3. Are you ready? lol:
    Gold orb earrings
    Silver orb earrings
    Gold drop orb earrings (christmas present)
    Silver drop orb earrings
    Pearl orb necklace
    Silver large orb necklace
    Gold small orb necklace
    Silver small orb necklace

    Think thats it darling! lol i may do a post about it all! Absolutely love it!

    I like the sound of the 138 brush & maybe beauty marked? How much would you want hun?

    p.s i also think its cool that were rather similiar!



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