Thursday, 17 December 2009

New Arrivals!! :)

Hiya everyone!!!

Well I say everyone, but I really mean the very few people that read my blog, but I guess everyone starts somewhere :)

I am really loving this font colour, it reminds me of my lipstick colour creation that i'm currently wearing, but more about that below!!!

If you read my blog, or talk to me on twitter you know that I have a soft spot for any lipstick that can enhance an orange lippie or colours that create the perfect orange pout, and I think I have discovered what that is!!!


First up are the blushes,

MACs Springsheen and Fleur Power: I love these blushes,
really pretty coral colours, and really look lovely mixed together, I really wanted 'Style' but when I swatched Style was Springsheen without the warm tone to it. Also there the MUA introduced Springsheen as the 'MACs version of Nars Orgasm'. ERM. Ok. I don't see it! I swatched both, and I love them both BUT no way would I say they are dupes for one another, apart from Springsheens gold shimmer I personannly don't think it has the same 'tan effect' as Orgasm?? What do you think?

MACS Stars 'N' Rockets, Steamy, and Swish: This is a confusing one, when I had previously swatched these I wasn't impressed with Stars 'N' Rocket pay off, it wasn't bright and didn't see how it would blend with Steamy, while Steamy and Swish were a definate 'I want'. So got home, and the Steamy, and Swish had really bad colour pay off with my 239, which was like...WHAT! so I used my 228 and it was all fine....while Stars 'N' Rockets was just perfect all the way, i'm in love.....

GOSH Darling: Great mixer/starter colour for my oranges, I love it, and am actually shocked I love it, must have backup, am getting nervous knowing the might run out over night and I don't have a back up....BACK UPPPPPPP!!

Limecrime Cosmopop: I ordered this in a hurry because I wa so excited, then after about two days I rechecked the site and saw there were two orange shades not one, UH OH. Cosmopop has to be one of the most pigmented, and creamy oranges ever. I can't compare it to a MAC or anything, it's so much creamy than anything i've used like ever, I love it. SO I have decided I want more. It took about 10 days to get to me, and while I am incredibly impatient (and over excited, have you noticed??) it was well worth the wait. Love the packaging, it reminds me of the MAC Edna collection :)

MAC Dazzleglass in Utterly Posh and Goldyrocks: Love these colours, was so happy to have them...till i realised they were LE, I've not used them since, I bloody hate MAC sometimes. Back up pleeease :(

NARS Laguna: Love it, use it with my 129 brush below my cheek bone. the 129 brush works well for me because of it's size, and I can control the application well by pinching and shaping the bristles with my fingers. Really nice when worn in a subtle manner, I'm happy to be a nc2o (decided it suits me better than nw) and don't want to be any darker, but it gives me that lovely shadow, that makes my face look that little bit more defined.

Sleek Palettes in Orginal and Sunset: Love both of these, and am certainly going to be getting backups of these, the Original contains the dark greens and golds that I love to mix with, plus a gorgeous bronze orange that looks amazing, I love to mix colours from each palette together. Sleek have done really well, and i'm very happy with the pigmentation, and I find as long as you rub the brush/sponge applicator around rather than dabbing it you don't get much crumbling.

Original Palette & Sunset Palette

AND FINALLY!! I have discovered in my opinion the perfect creamy orange, that's adaptable, and also buildable, these are very imporatant, as I want a colour I can add to as well as working well practically all other shadows and blush tones.

I know the camera quality is rubbish, sorry! It at least shows the tone, it's not the bright orange I usually wear, however we are not always in the social situations appropriate for bright coral lips, so I really wanted to find a mix of the two I was comfortable with, without feeling i'm giving up too much of my personality with and I am so glad I found it.

I used:

GOSH in Darling - Any creamy nude base, although love this one as ha a lovely texture and great coverage, you don't want something thats too streaky. I wouldn't suggest Myth unless you mix it well with something moisturing, and creamy, maybe Blistex?
Limecrime in Cosmopop
- Any cream coloured orange, not too overwhelming, I like to think of Cosmopop (or the alternative) a my colour 'bridge'.
MAC in Morange
- Or any colour you are comfortable with, I dot it on, how much I dot it on depends on how orange I want it to be, but the good thing about using darling and as soon as you swirl the colours all around you are still left with this gorgeous orange cream beige consistancy....and for me it's perfect!

Thanks for reading, I'm off to watch Gavin & Stacey on BBC iplayer!

Mwah! x


  1. Amazing haul as always my darling! Laguna is the best, i absolutely love it!
    Also Gosh darling is my most favourite lipstick ever! You know how much i love my nudes plus i have 3 back ups!lol
    Your MAC palettes looking amazing already!
    & i also have the original sleek palette!
    Were so similiar its scary! haha!
    Mwah! xoxox

  2. I know! and you knew i'd like them! It's cool yet very weird!! Darling was literally something I just grabbed as was trying to find something to get with the sleeks (good old 3for2) and it has to be the best panic buy ever! You have to try Limecrimes! :) xxx

  3. Darling looks amazing with your limecrime lippie!
    Where do you order them from? their website?
    Theres no nudey colours though is there, although i do like the look of the baby pink colour so may have to try them out!
    Where did you get stars & rockets e/s from as i thought it was Limited Ed? or am i thinking about something else! lol

  4. it's amazing! You can get stars and rockets online, don't think it's LE, OMG, imagine if it is, BACK UP!! I know that selfridges has it as that's where I swatched them, although it does it no justice! It goes on even better with the 228 than with fingers :) so happy with that purchase :) The baby pink would fantatic, especially with a bit of darling as a base........oh darling! Haha obsessed...slightly!

  5. haha! It is the best base to have because its so creamy & moisturising and tones down brighter colours! i just love it!
    I am ever so jealous with all your shopping & hauls! you buy some amazing things! Although i am extremely happy with my eyeshadow & brush so thank you again!
    You make me laugh so much, you are just like me with Limited Editions & back ups! I am exactly the same!

  6. Hahaha I think I worry things are going to be discontinued overnight, like in secret, i'm so weird!!! Did you read about the mac pigment coming in smaller jars (3g less) yet are going to still be sold for the same price?? I was so shocked, cheeky or what!! Vanilla is the only one i'll run out of so I might have to invest and get another, that 3g will mean a lot one morning in the future!!!!!!

    I like the fact we like the same-y things but with a difference, so we kinda learn about new combos to mix things's all about mixing it up lady!! :D


  7. haha! i totally agree with you!
    I cannot believe that they are making the pigments a whole 3gram less but for the same price! i might stock up on some before they change then, especially vanilla! Works amazing for cheek and brow highlight!
    Yeah were very similiar but different! haha its a good thing babe! & both love MAC but you obviously more! :)



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